Nitrates & Nitrites

*All DaBecca Natural Foods brand products contain NO ADDED NITRATES OR NITRATES*

so...why no added Nitrates or Nitrites?

Problems associated with Nitrates and Nitrites

Historically, nitrates have been used to help prevent the growth of certain bacteria that can cause an outbreak of botulism, a deadly food-borne illness, and to give cured meat a pink color. When added to the meat, nitrates break down and form nitrites. Today nitrites are added directly to the meat to speed up the curing process.

The time and temperature in cooking meats the critical factors in preventing bacterial growth. Improved production and food storage methods have decreased food-borne illness. In order to make the cooked meats to maintain the traditional pink color and cured flavor nitrites are still added in most of today's processing.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the chief danger associated with nitrates is that they are converted into nitrites during digestion, which can poison humans, particularly children. According to the U.S. Surgeon General, nitrites can combine with amines, a by-product of protein digestion, to form nitrosamines, a potent carcinogen. Eating nitrate-added meat over a long period of time can result in nitrosamines causing malignant tumor growth.

Humans rely on blood flow to carry oxygen to all parts of the body, including the brain. Oxygen deprivation is another real risk associated with nitrate use in meats. This occurs when the nitrites band with hemoglobin in the bloodstream forming a molecule called methemoglobin, which is unable to carry oxygen. Young children are especially at risk from contact with nitrites.


*no added Nitrates or Nitrates except those NATURALLY occuring in celery powder.