*ALL DaBecca Natural Food brand products are ALL ANTIBIOTIC FREE.  

so...why no antibiotics??

The news media frequently features stories on the use of antibiotics and growth hormones in food animals and the possible health threats to people from antibiotic residues in food.

Though the antibiotics prevent some diseases, they also cause animals to grow larger and fatter at an increased rate. Antibiotics gradually lose their effectiveness over time. Eventually, as bacteria evolve to survive their environment, anti-biotics become completely ineffective.

In May of 2001, at the 101st annual meeting of the American Society for Microbiology, the FDA stated antibiotic resistant bacteria in beef and poultry sold in US supermarkets was exhibiting "fairly substantial amounts of resistance to a number of drugs." They recommend ending or phasing out antibiotics based on reasonable scientific assessments. The American Medical Association suggested a resolution opposing the random use of antibiotics in agriculture.

With all the evidence on the dangers of antibiotic resistance, the US Democratic House presented a bill to Congress entitled the "Preservation of Antibiotics for Human Treatment Act of 2002." Endorsed by the American Medical Association, American Public Health Association and the American College of Preventative Medicine, the bill calls for phasing out eight classes of drugs presently used to promote rapid growth in farm animals, and demands the ban of all uses of fluoroquinolones (a class of antibiotic of which Cipro belongs to) in poultry.

Scientists are now saying that the antibiotic staying in the animals bodies are contributing to the overall level of anti-biotics in the human body. This may contribute to antibiotic resistance, scientists are more concerned about disease-causing bacteria that develop resistance in food animals to then infect human beings.

The FDA values an affordable meat supply as well as the concerns of conventional livestock farmers, however, its greatest concern is for human health.

Antibiotic-free ranches provide their livestock more room to move about, maintain sanitary facilities, carefully watch their animals and immediately remove sick ones from the herds. This natural approach to livestock production completely eliminates the use of antibiotics, from the feed as well as by injection. By maintaining a healthy environment for the animals, this approach prevents diseases that antibiotics might otherwise be needed to fight. Ranching without antibiotics and growth hormones takes more time. The animals live longer, eat more food, receive more care and roam more space, which basically costs more.